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Retaining walls are about managing the ground on your property and create a way to make more useable area. 

The investment you make now with the experience of your installer, the quality of product used and the techniques to assemble and finish will ensure your wall not only lasts a long time, but looks great from the outset.

The quality we invest in Australian made materials ensures our walls stand the test of time and keep your money local.


We provide services to both commercial and residential builders and valued private works.


All sleepers used are tested regularly

and have N12 Reinforced Steel embedded during manufacture and are rated to minimum of 40MPA Strength.

A variety of finishes, colours and lengths allow us to be creative with your design and final finish.  There are options to integrate and accesorise your wall to make it as personal as you reqiure.


Using Locally sourced rock, we can create a natural landscape that grows with your garden.  Staircases, terraces, retaining walls and battered gardens can all be done with ease.

Mudstone, Basalt, Coldstream rock are just a few types we can use to finish your dreamscape.  

We advise the use of ground cover plants to plant out between the rocks for colour and finish.


We prefer to work with Steel upright posts on all works. This not only aids in a quick production process, these can be painted, trimmed or angled to suit your design requirements.

We use galvanised steel posts on all walls, and these are manufactured in set lengths and grades and are hot dipped galvanised.

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